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Mobile application Testing Company

Getting it Right First and Every time is key to stay relevant with today's consumer. As per the report from Flurry a mobile application analytics firm, only 37% of applications used by consumers were in use earlier in the year. With consumers continuing to try so many new applications, developers has to be spot on and there is not much space to left to learn from mistakes. With unforgiving consumers and complex device platform matrix, it is even more important to have test strategy in place.

To keep in pace with evolving consumer and devices, testing services & strategy has to cover all aspects like stability, performance, multi device support, usability and error handling mechanisms. We have figured out mechanisms to do preventive mechanisms which is mandatory with current device evolution & platform upgrades.

With our expertise on Outsourced product development and launching mobile applications in multiple market, we are well equipped to perform end to end testing and provide consulting services to improve the application stability and performance.

For one of our clients in consumer mobility space, we have devised a test strategy and implemented it to ensure successful launch of mobile application in three different geography, three different operating systems with supporting more than 500 mobile devices.

Our capabilities includes
  • Strategy driven testing process
  • Integration of Test Flight to collect test data
  • User & Focus groups testing
  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Test result analysis & Reports
  • High end testing infrastructure
  • Guidance report to improve quality

Do you have an existing application, talk to us to get a free evaluation and suggestions from our team of expert QA consultants.