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UX Design

With the impact of mobile phone usage and intense penetration of mobile applications, many of the customers are seeking ways to offer usable and effective mobile websites and applications. Mobile users approach differently than a traditional pc or laptop counterparts. They are mostly on the go and are ready to take action or decide right way. Hence there is a compelling reason for designing mobile applications to address mobile app users behaviour.

Give them what they want and when they want, that’s when one makes a significant progress in Mobile user experience.

As a business owner of a product or a service how do you know what they want in a mobile app, and what's the best way to present your information? That when our UX services comes in place.

Our UX Team is capable of
  • Designing and implementing usability testing with mobile users
  • Heuristically evaluating mobile apps and mobile websites
  • Identifying better performance areas in the app design

Primarily our UX team helps in user specific mobile user experience and target towards increasing conversion rates.

Every UX Team Member with Hakuna Matata considers
  • Making the purpose clear and concise
  • Leveraging native features of a mobile device
  • Helping in making informed choices
  • Making it functional or making it fun

Some of the tools and technologies which we use in our design process are : Star UML, MS Visio, Creately, Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects, Dreamweaver, Flash, Flex, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (JQuery, Bootstrap, YUI & MUI tools, Backbone JS).