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Android App Development

Android is an Linux based operating system backed up by Google, is designed primarily to work with smart-phones and tablets extending to support devices like laptop, net books, Smart TV's, Cameras and wrist watches.

There are 695,792 number of Android Apps available in Market as of May 2013. Out of which 153,074 (20% approx) are considered as below standards.

Android, the world’s most used mobile OS comes with its own set of challenges like multitude of device & OS fragmentation, OEM’s customized android OS flavors. Being pioneers in android app development, we understand android eco system better and have built & delivered android apps addressing these challenges.

We follow latest UI/UX standards by google and keep us inline with latest trends, newer OS releases & device capabilities like Finger Print sensors, Beacons etc.

Why hakuna matata

  • We have built more than 150 android apps for startups and businesses
  • Expertise in integrating with beacons, bar code scanners, printers, temperature sensors
  • Build apps with various use cases ranging from real time analytics, route matching, geo tagging, video streaming
  • Experience in dev ops & industry standard process
  • Highly capable UI/ UX design team with expertise on Android usability standards.

Our team of android app developers love to push limits and love building solutions solving real life problems. Talk to us to find out how we can help you to build your android mobile application ?