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Progressive Web apps

HTML5 is a mark-up language for structuring and presenting content for World Wide Web and a core technology of the internet.

Escape app store regulations, Still have a mobile presence

A progressive web app uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app like user experience. Historically web apps have not had push notifications, worked offline, felt like an app. Progressive web app over come these limitations with new WEB apis, design concepts and buzz words (Reference: Ionic).

Progressive web apps provides best of both worlds and its easier to reach app users through search engines.

Our team of HTML5 developers have expertise across front end technologies like HTML5, CSS, Angular JS, React JS and other frame works like Bootstrap.

Why hakuna matata

  • We have built more than 300 mobile apps for startups and businesses
  • Expertise in native apps development, cross platform development like Ionic, Phonegap & Xamarin
  • Expertise in web technologies
  • Highly capable UI/ UX design team
  • Web application maintenance
  • Testing & review on multiple devices (PCs, Tablets & Mobiles)

Talk to us to find out how progressive web apps can be helpful to your businesses.