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Windows Phone App Development

Windows Phone is a windows operating system developed by Microsoft to be used in smart phones and mobile devices.

Windows Phone App Store Hits 130,000 Apps and Games

Visual studio is a key-tool to develop windows mobile Application which allows to author, debug and pack the mobile Application for use. Windows mobile SDK allows to use API headers and libraries to import and use the mobile functionality, also emulators allows to deploy and debug the mobile Application.

Our team is capable of working with a latest windows phone version (6.5) based on windows CE 5.2 kernel. Windows mobile 6.5 features a suite of basic Applications developed with the Microsoft Windows API, designed to be similar with desktop versions of Windows – feature wise and aesthetically which is based on Microsoft Win32 API. Windows mobile operating system can work on devices such as Pocket PC, smart phones and communicators.

Over the years of working with windows mobile we feel, windows mobile operating system to be one of finest platforms for custom mobile Application development providing great scalability and variety of options for custom development, which is a compact version of powerful desktop windows operating system.

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